44 things

With Emma Queen

44 things

It’s my birthday today! ????

This was really fun to do and I thought I’d show you 44 things I have done/you may not know about me – to celebrate the big 44 today!!   Let’s go!  

???? I am British and yes I have met the Queen. When I was 12 I was picked from my school to meet the Queen and Prince Philip for Maundy Thursday. She wasn’t overly chatty but Prince Philip spoke to me. I spent the 7 hours waiting for her learning how to curtsy. ????  

???? I had a squint in both eyes and had eye operations when I was 3 and 5. I also have had laser surgery on my eyes after being pretty blind… it’s been 12 years since I had that and I cherish my eyesight daily. ????  

???? I used a leather punch to put a hole in my younger sisters lip when she was 1. I wasn’t a great big sister in the early years. Now my sis likes piercings. #notmyfault  

???? I went to Hollywood Primary School and Cadbury College. People have questioned my resume in the past.  

???????????????????????????? My dad is Scottish and lives in Spain. All my family live in the UK. And when I say all, there are not many!  

????‍♂️I was such a tomboy growing up that a girl asked me out when I was 11. She thought I was a boy with my short hair.  

???? I used to collect stamps as my hobby and my fave movie growing up was Beetlejuice and The Lost Boys. ????????‍♂️  

???? I had a picture of a kangaroo on my school bag throughout secondary school and I had a poster of Sydney Harbour on my door. It seems that I programmed myself to move here from a young age…? ????  

???? When I was 17 I travelled to Spain with a close friend (Sharon) and she was my legal guardian on the trip (she was 18). We drank copious amounts of fake Bacardi, fell off bar stools and ran out of money on the last few days. We survived by eating crackers and cheese…and the old lady in the apartment next to us lending us money.  

???? My final secondary school Art exam piece was a sculpture of my own legs as a ‘streetwalker’. Together with fencing and shoes. I got a B.  

❄️ When I was younger, my family didn’t own a car and yes I walked to school in 2 feet of snow in Winter. I don’t exaggerate (much).  

????????‍♀️ I was 12 when I got my first job in a hairdressers. I lasted 2 days. Then at 13, I worked in a bakery for 2 years. My first wage…I spent it on a VHS of NKOTB Hangin’ tough concert! See, I am super cool. ????  

???? My first loves’ name was Julian. I was 16 years old and I am still in contact with him.  

✈️ My first plane trip ever was to Australia on my own.  

???????? I came to Oz on Uni break. I borrowed money for ‘books’ and promptly purchased a plane ticket to visit for 9 weeks. Yep, I fell in love with a boy on holiday.  

???? I moved to Australia the week after my 19th birthday and married 3 months later. No, my mum wasn’t happy…but she still came over to the wedding and due to jet-lag she doesn’t remember a thing.  

???? I worked in offices doing various jobs from 19-32 years old. I sat on my bum a lot.  

???? For the Millennium, I was in Cork, Ireland with my friends Jackie and Sara. We wore ball gowns in minus temps, danced to Robbie Williams (we wanted to dance to an Irish jig) and then took a wee under the Barry Tea sign in town. Those were the days. ????  

???? A psychic told me that one day I would be trekking over mountains with a backpack in snow. In a year later, I found myself in the French Alps doing exactly that. P.S Did you know that you can store wine in the snow to chill?  

???? I have worked in many pubs over the years – I can also pour a mean pint of Guinness.   ???? I can play any tune on the recorder. Try me.  

???? I love real estate shows on Netflix #mindnumbing   ???????? The first nappy I changed was my daughters in the hospital.  

⌨️ I built a computer from scratch when I was going through my marriage breakup. I just wanted something to do.  

???? I used to have a market stall on weekends selling clothes on consignment, then I sold wedding dresses. I then turned this business to my first online business in 2002.  

????I am well versed in superannuation and pensions – I used to be the trainer in the call centre for the NSW Gov. Super. (9 years total)  

????????‍♂️ I used to be overweight and rarely did any exercise until I got a PT and then studied my Cert 3 and 4 in fitness in 2009.  

???????? Over 10 years ago, I left my comfy, easy Government job to be a Zumba! Instructor. But don’t worry, I was very strategic about it and took it to schools, old peoples homes and everywhere!  

???? At one point I had 8 trainers in my fitness training business, I also had a health studio with my business partner in Corrimal and then North Wollongong where between us, we did 45 classes per week. Whilst it was fun… it was FULL ON!  

???? I have walked across fire TWICE! Easy-peasy compared to life, you know…  

???? I don’t watch TV.  

???? I know every word to Nenah Cherry’s song – Buffalo Child.  

???? I am a very techy and love to tinker.  

⚰️ For my funeral, I want two songs played. The Venga Bus… (So you can all dance your arse off) and my fave song ‘More than words’ by Extreme.  

???? My rock crush is Dave Grohl.  

???? I have 4 tattoos and am planning the next one.  

???? I have written 13 books. 7 of them are on Amazon and I am working on the next 2.  

???? I have a not-so-secret crush on Zac Efron.  

????I have 5 sources of income, most of which I can do at the beach and/or from the laptop (it’s only taken 10 years).  

???? I have a camper van, but most people think I live in it! I don’t, I live in a nice townhouse with my daughter and just take off in the van a lot.  

???? I have a nearly 18-year-old girl and she is the light of my life.  

???? I have nearly written a movie script – It’s a project I keep not getting to.  

???? I start each morning with immense gratitude and meditate most days.  

???? I can speed-read #selftaught  

Comment if you have ever done anything like this. It was a big trip down memory lane and quite a cool thing to reflect upon!  

Thanks for reading, especially if you got through all 44!

Emma xxx  

p.s Thank you for all your support on my awesome journey. You all rock and I love you!! xxx p.p.s I was 16 in this photo, you can totally see Chloe in it. ????