Month: March 2022

With Emma Queen

Get the f*ck over yourself

Taken from chapter one of my book ‘Get the f*ck over yourself’ – click here to purchase. What the heck are you talkin’ about?  “Get over yourself.”  “Are you over it yet?”  “Jeez, why don’t you move past this and get over it?”  “For f*ck’s sake! Get over it!”  “Get. The. F*ck. Over. Yourself.”  Okay, peeps, the…
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Negative thinking – 5 ways to influence your thoughts

Negative thinking – 5 ways to influence your thoughts “What the head repeats, the heart wants to heal…” I don’t know where I heard this saying. But it was only recently, and when I heard it – it hit me hard. Those looping thoughts going around and around your head all day about the same…
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Above the line thinking

Have you ever thought to yourself that perhaps there are two schools of thought when it comes to thinking? Maybe even two different types of people? When the shit hits the fan, how do you react? Do you react the same as your friend or a family member? So for people, when there is stress……
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