Month: February 2022

With Emma Queen

Tweak, then tweak some more

As I journaled this morning, I realised (again) that I truly believe my own bullshit. I know. I know. I must talk about this often. And guess what? If you are resonating with this already…you probably do too. Our mind takes no sides. It tells stories, and for the most part, these are make-believe. And…
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The attention

Attention, attention – this blog is about getting attention To some extent, we are all wired to want attention and validation. So it’s important to understand that some attention-seeking behaviour can be thought of as an understandable need for validation or a cry for help. For example, most attention-seeking behaviours in children, especially young children,…
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Self-care, back to basics – water

When I started this blog, I thought to myself, ‘have I written about this before?’. So I went to my blog page and searched for ‘basics’…. and yes, sure enough – there was a lot! I did kinda feel like I was repeating myself on the ol’ self-care chat. But that’s the point, isn’t it?…
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