Month: June 2021

With Emma Queen

Embracing change

Embracing change At a very base level, we want and need to feel safe.We want to feel secure. This is a natural response. And when we have been doing things a certain way for a long time, we get comfortable and feel safe…even when what you’re doing isn’t in your best interest. Essentially we can…
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The language of breath

The language of breath. Since my course last week on meditation and breathwork – I have tuned into people’s language on this. Let me give you a few examples; I need to catch my breath.I need space to breathe.I need the room to breathe.I need breathing space.I need breathing room.Let me just breathe for a…
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While I have been away on my teacher meditation course, I have delved further into Polyvagal Theory. (Anyone interested? Go Google…bloody fantastic!) Something the theory talks about is coregulation…so let’s delve into it! Why? Cos’ it’s flipping relevant. So, my friend – what is coregulation? Most of you are already doing it, and I am…
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