Month: August 2020

With Emma Queen

44 things

It’s my birthday today! ???? This was really fun to do and I thought I’d show you 44 things I have done/you may not know about me – to celebrate the big 44 today!!   Let’s go!   ???? I am British and yes I have met the Queen. When I was 12 I was…
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The Ego – Part 3

Check out your ego! (Part 3) So, ways of successfully satisfying your ego (so it can work brilliantly into the version of you that you want to be…) is to do one important thing. * The universe says YES to to every request we make. When we ask for something in life, it is given…
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Ego – Part 2

Check out your ego! (Part 2) So, be aware of when your ego is working against you. It WILL create endless obstacles to getting things done. It WILL create blocks. It WILL create amnesia…causing you to forget to do the ‘change’ work. It MAY blast you with negative mind chatter which can successfully blow all…
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The Ego

Check out your ego! It’s cool, your ego has an important role in our inner world. One of the ego’s jobs is to keep us safe and on familiar ground, never far from where we know is safe. It does do a good job of keeping us in our ‘safe zone’ and ‘away from trouble’…
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