Month: July 2020

With Emma Queen

Making decisions using HALT – Hungry, angry, lonely and tired

You know when you find something that really resonates with you, and you want to share it? Well, I have a beauty for you. It’s called H.A.L.T. So, allow me to me explain… HALT is a fabulous acronym that allows you to stop (momentarily) and evaluate your self-care, physical being and mental state. Paying attention…
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Watch your language

Now, I know what you’re already thinking. ‘Emma, you can be a bit a of a swear-bear’, and you are correct – but today I am talking about the language you tell yourself.  More specifically, the habitual and perhaps unconscious words you are ‘putting out there’.  But before I delve in – you do need…
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Exercise-induced transient hypofrontality

*Exercise-induced transient hypofrontality* I know, right? What a way to start a blog! So many big words, but this is the shiz that you need to know. Let’s start at the beginning and why I am even talking about this. Your self-talk/chatter.The overthinking.The constant chitter-chatter going on in that noggin’ of yours.The voice inside.The racing…
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