Month: June 2020

With Emma Queen

I am too busy for meditation or mindfulness

I know.  I say it too. And I know that most of you repeat this mantra. I reckon that is part of the problem. You are programming yourself and believe it.  Therefore you are too busy to do these things.  What if you walked around for a week saying you had the time to meditate…
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What you are doing wrong when you practice gratitude

I know. I know.  How can you go wrong when it comes to gratitude? Surely any practice is better than no practice? Well, kinda… So, let’s have a quick chat about this.  I know that some of you reading, may do a gratitude practice of sorts. You may write a list of the things you…
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You can manage your stress

I get asked by many people, “I am stressed out, how do I change this?” Or at the very least…I see people with the world on their shoulders – and they are so lost in the fear they don’t know where to go. Managing your state can be easier than you realise. And it’s all…
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Where your attention goes, energy flows

What are your thoughts on this? Where your attention goes, energy flows. I first heard it at a Tony Robbins event many years ago, but these days I see it on a deeper level. We are all energy.What we focus on, grows.What we place our attention on, also grows. Focus on good stuff? You’ll find…
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