Month: August 2019

With Emma Queen

Go mess up

Waiting for the ‘right time’ really shits me. (Non Aussie people, this is a term we use…I am not unwell ????) Phew, it feels great to have said that out loud! I hear it all the time. ‘I’ll do that when…’ ‘I’ll wait until…’ ‘Now is not the right time to…’ ‘When x, y and z…
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I forgot

I forgot. Why do we keep doing the same shit over and over again? What’s that about? Seriously. ???? I am cranky with myself yet again. I flippin’ FORGOT!! In no particular order… I forgot that I love to write. I forgot that I love to help. I forgot that I love my daily rituals. I…
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Confessions of an author

I hover over the ‘publish’ button EVERY SINGLE TIME I tell people about a new project/book. I think to myself ‘WHY THE FUCK?’ would someone want to read this?  I think to myself ‘Surely I’ll be caught out this time…for being a fake writer’. I think to myself ‘People will see through me and will…
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A decade in business – my story and how I did it.

This week I am officially ten years in small business! One decade! So today’s blog is a bit of my story and the HOW behind my success. If I look back, the journey has been nearly 18 years. How can that be when I clearly look 21? Weird, I know… Yes, I have always done…
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What would happen if you decided

What would happen if you just decided? Like, actually decided. To do the thing. Yeh, you know what thing I am talking about. That thing. . . . . Yeh, I know you said that you had already decided. Yeh, I know that you have claimed that you have already decided. Yeh, I know that…
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Meditation is the new hustle

At the beginning of a new month, I always reflect on the past one. I look back at the lessons and the experiences and often ‘journal’ this out as part of the process. There is no special secret to this, I just look back at my diary (and facebook posts actually)…and write out what I did,…
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