Month: March 2018

With Emma Queen

Gratitude saved my life

Gratitude – it saved my life. I speak about it often. Nearly daily, in fact. Why? Cos’ it saved me. How? I hear you ask… It saved me from me. It saved me from overthinking the bullshit. It saved me from over analysing the crap in my life. Gratitude stopped me from my victim state…
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Your Art.

Bloody hell.   I just wrote 700 words.   Then deleted it all.   Why? It just didn’t serve me or anyone by writing about it. It was just piffle. I’ll admit that it was a tad hard to press delete as I consider my writing to be a work of art…yes you can laugh…
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Who are you?

Your identity. Who are you really? Who are you at your core? Does this identity define your daily actions? This subject is one that I return to time and time again…when I need to reflect on what I am doing in my life. So I will flick the concept over to you today! To help…
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