Month: July 2016

With Emma Queen

The F Word

Yes my friend, we are going to talk about the F word. A lot. So strap yourself in. This word gets thrown around more than you realise. If affects you more than you know. It stops you more often than you realise. Nope it’s not even a curse word. That word is nothing in comparison…
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I am sick of you

I am sick of you. I am sick of you not doing what you are told. Not doing what you are supposed to do. Not doing your job. You frustrate me with your excuses, lies and bullshit. You anger me with your laziness and you are killing me with your lack of participation. Am I…
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Being Human

I stuffed up. I lost my mojo. I lost track. I lost my momentum. And its ok. Really my friend, you are stuffing up too. And it’s totes ok. Totally ok in fact, that I want you to do it again. Then forget to beat yourself up. Why are you so hard on yourself? You…
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