Month: May 2016

With Emma Queen

Chasing happiness

Please note: this is a personal opinion. I often wrong in my thinking and I am happy to debate this subject if you are keen 😉 A common thing people are searching for is to be ‘happy’. Is that really ALL we are looking for? A feeling? Are we moving through this life searching for…
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Roll over.

Hearing the alarm and rolling over with a sigh. That slow recognition that its morning and I feel like I didn’t sleep at all. I can hear the familiar sounds of the house and the birds starting to sing. I feel that heavy body feeling and I sink deeper into my blankets. This aches. That…
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Make your own path

So I have a sign at my place that says ‘Make your own path’. Its been on my shelf for about 12 months now. Its funny that sometimes you don’t notice something that has been staring at you for a long time hey? Its also funny that in theory these kind of motivational sayings are…
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